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Reversible Fuel Cell Kit

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Reversible Fuel Cell (RFC) Kit
The kit includes:

  • A solar electric panel

  • A small electric motor,

  • A Reversible Fuel Cell (RFC).

The Patented* RFC consists of a 1.5 inch diameter Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) and three c.c. of pure water, enclosed in an optical grade polycarb housing.

The RFC demonstrates visually PEM electrolysis of water, producing hydrogen and oxygen. Reversing the PEM to fuel cell mode recombines the hydrogen and oxygen, producing electricity and water.

This simple reliable solid state technology is a zero emission refinery and power plant in one. Sun light and H2O are the only inputs necessary for the PEM to convert solar energy to hydrogen gas. Hydrogen gas is an energy carrier. Once stored this carbon free energy is then available to power anything.

What exactly does the Fuel Cell Kit do?

A solar panel is used to begin the hydrolysis process. Voltage from the solar panel hydrolyzes the water that is enclosed in an optical grade polycarb housing. (For indoor and night use, a battery is provided to replace the solar panel.) This process produces hydrogen and oxygen that is stored inside the chamber. Hydrogen bubbles are usually visible on the surface of the PEM, (as seen in the below photograph). After about 60 seconds, the fuel cell is ready to perform. A motor is connected to the power out and your fuel cell will use the stored hydrogen and oxygen to run the motor!

This process is analogous to naturally observed and completely renewable processes of nature. One example of such an analogous process is photosynthesis which converts solar energy and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to useful biofuels, which are subsequently used for plant growth.

*United States Patent 6,589,683
July 8, 2003
Regenerative fuel cell learning kit


Educational kit which combines a unitized regenerative fuel cell with a demonstration platform to illustrate the principals of fuel cell use and application. A fuel cell education kit provides valuable exposure to the principals of fuel cell generated electricity to children. The fuel cell is a regenerative fuel cell converting water into hydrogen and oxygen during a charging cycle and reversing the process during discharge. A proton exchange membrane drives the process.