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Green Island Carbon Offsets

Green Island Carbon Offsets are leading the way toward the first carbon neutral off-road race. Sponsors, racers and spectators alike are joining together to offset carbon impacts of racing by planting appropriate fast growing trees.

Green Island Carbon Offsets bring you the simple, effective opportunity to:

Plant Trees. Off-Set CO2 emissions.
Give Back For Future Generations of Racers.

You will be:
• Creating Stable, Resilient Environments and Communities
• Reducing CO2 Levels
• Improving Air, Water and Soil Quality

Why Tree Planting?
• Trees absorb CO2 and are vital for CO2 cycling / sequestering. An average tree provides enough oxygen for a family of 4 every year.
• Trees create wildlife habitat, shade and speed soil development and regeneration.

Tree planting is the number one answer for offsetting CO2 emissions. Green Island Carbon Offsets* envisions planting thousands of trees, nationally and internationally with the support of the racing communities exemplary leadership in giving back.

Trees are a “solution multiplier.” The benefits extend to both the health of our land (including the air and water) and our communities. Trees help reduce particulate pollution by filtering the air and reducing wind erosion.

Simple Calculations:
Biomass of a tree at 8 years is 607 pounds = (approx. 300 pounds carbon). (The tree biomass data is taken from a well-known Chinese-Canadian Study in China. We expect that we will exceed the growth figures, but will stay with these to be conservative).

300 pounds carbon x 3.67 = 1100 pounds CO2 captured by the tree in an 8 year period.

20 pounds CO2 per gallon released

(1100 divided by 20) 55 gallons per 8 year old tree

.50 cents per gallon to offset your carbon impact

Be a leader. Offset now and often.

"If you are thinking ten years ahead, plant a tree." – Chinese poet

*The parent 501(c)3 non-profit organization is Eco Soul.
Eco Soul has chosen Eco Ranchos to be our tree planting partner.